Studio Volume focuses on analyzing the specificities of your project to offer you tailor-made services.

Whether you're eager to release your very first self-produced project, or on the brink of selling your last seats for the Olympia, whether you're a solo artist or a group of seventeen on stage, Studio Volume focuses on analyzing the specificities of your project to offer you tailor-made services.

This is the focus of our work and communication is the vector. You would think we carry briefcases, wear ties and use airpods... Not at all! In addition to our office work, our days are highlights between recording studio, concerts and music in our headphones. These are the three spheres of the musician, those in which ideas are moving and coming to life.

Social networks then become the most direct way to bring your music to your fans. In the aim of this exchange, this extension of the artistic gesture, we stand beside the groups in the understanding and the taking in hand of the digital communication ... Chill.

don't be shy and
turn on the volume

If fans of Johnny Hallyday were hiding in the Burkinabe countryside ... we would know about it ! On the other hand, a well-planned sponsorship campaign and relevant targeting can connect a musical project with a targeted audience. After identifying your listeners, we’ll help you throughout our collaboration.

When starting in music, the first instinct is to fill the void, forgetting about the silence a little. Then we realize that it is as indispensable as the sound. For us, community management is akin to this reflection, knowing how to animate networks, understanding the process of algorithms, and plan the communication as we would compose a track.

Even if in the 90s the audio tape was the object of choice for sharing your latest musical discoveries, we must now face the facts, times have changed. Streaming has become the most effective way to share your music to your audience, and making an entrance into a playlist is perfect to have your project listened. We’ll explain you how!

An idea, no matter how beautiful it is, exists only if we make it. And yet it is necessary to give it the appropriate form so that it corresponds to your sensitivity and in order to be understood by everyone. Thus, we put serve your imagination to create quality content that make others envious.

If Waldo didn’t wear a hat and a striped t-shirt among the crowds, he would be very hard to find, and you probably wouldn’t know anything about him. Today on the internet, many musical projects are emerging without a real artistic direction, and therefore do not stand out. Our goal is to help you cast out your specificity. No worries we are not too much for strips ...

Nowadays, digital tools to help you manage your social networks are wildly available. For this reason, Studio Volume offers to manage the different aspects of your communication and to provide training to ensure your autonomy.