Studio Volume.
Before creating Studio Volume we had an emerging pop-rock band called ... It doesn't matter! You know it's hard to pick a band name, and like us, you've probably burned a few neurons to search of the ideal one ... After that, eager to publish your project, you've tried to tame social networks. Unfortunately you lost heart and you noticed the lack of actors dedicated to the communication for artists. This is where the story of Studio Volume begins, and as in every story, there are protagonists.
we are two

Lucie Guilloux

Lucie would like to tell you about her years as a drummer, those rhythms that hypnotized her, and her training in communication and marketing. And if our attention on a screen was greater, she would love to develop the original communication strategies that she imagines. With a thirst for communication in the cultural sector, this melting pot of experiences has forged her global vision of what a musician is. Sprinkle all this with a creative flair, and you'll get that willingness to invest in the promotion of artistic work.

Hans-Paul Landriève

Hans-Paul could tell you about the shape of sound for hours, how compressors work, or about modular synthesizers. It is this technical approach to music that has led him to explore the web tools available to optimize the communication of a project, the analysis of the musical environment or its economy. And in the great game of influences, he would dream to put his technical and entrepreneurial skills to the service of LCD Soundsystem or Kaytranada ... Invitations are welcome!

Former collaborators.

  • Pierre Pilet
  • Lucille Fourny
  • Juliette Viret
  • Anne-Estelle Kersaudy