A goal without a plan is a wish

Artists can’t succeed just from word of mouth, our work is to ensure that your music a will be heard by new audiences that will become new prescriber. 

Whether it’s for releasing a new track or announcing a worldwide tour, we create strategic campaigns that fits to the artists target audience and growth goals. Once the strategy is established, we design and execute creative concepts to bring it to life. With productivity in mind, we work with artists to established which key factors and data we need to work on so that we build success on the long run.

By using data and analysis, we track the best way to be performant, the most profitable and the most impactful. Our campaigns are tailor-made to suits your strength, previous success and the artists personality.

We make your goal become successes by producing innovative and creative marketing strategy. Our approach boost artists growth, create fanbase, drives engagement and most of all create opportunities.

With a full team of marketing experts, we work closely with every of our clients (artist, label or manager) to guarantee engagement from the audience to the project.