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After having carved out a place among the most innovative fringe of French Canadian hip hop in the legendary duet Radio Radio, Jacques Alphonse Doucet, proudly proclaims The return of Jacobus and creates the effect of a bomb with Caviar, his second album. Somewhere between introspection and hedonism, between questioning and swaying rap and electro, Jacobus tries to reconcile the candor of his youth and the refinement of a thirty-year-old. By renewing the name under which he appeared for the first time on stage, Jacques Alphonse goes back in time and measures the path traveled between the birth of a rapper from Nova Scotia insolently approaching chains and cap, and the advent of the refined dandy inevitably well put that prevailed in the universe of Canadian rap. The Acadian rapper explodes in this opus unveiling more colors with "About me", "The Art of Manliness" and "Partying" feat. Pierre Kwenders.