Training in the use of social networks

English training "Design­ing a brand based on storytelling and an oper­a­tion­al dir­ect-to-fan strategy"

Trempolino contributes to the development of the regional music industry and to the emergence of new artistic practices. Trempolino is the project where all the musical communities are crossing and working together: babies to adults, amateurs to professionals, subcultures to chart-pop, Ile de Nantes to the international. Their method of work ? Start from the field (the studio, the stage, etc.) and the needs of the musicians to propose original solutions. Trempolino thus contributes to improving the offer to musicians, territories and their inhabitants, and more broadly to the "contemporary music" sector. Trempolino also plays a key role in implementing innovative public policies by building partnerships with local stakeholders, creating a dialogue with public authorities and contributing to the emergence of a European music community.