54 is a duo that captivates and invites us to escape. Audacious, but with their head in the clouds, they are nevertheless excellent artists that nothing seems to stop.

Go ahead and listen to their "innocent" track, you will not be disappointed with the trip.

Our mission was to define a digital communication strategy for the band 54 to be noticed at the Printemps de Bourges 2019. We inspired ourselves from Népal, 667 and Asap Rocky, and start forming the bases of a communication concept where the artists don’t have to show themselves but leave room for a communication obsessed by the number 54. In order to gain more visibility, the algorithms impose frequent use of social media and the sharing of quality content. Therefore, with the aim of growing the audience of the band we posted ongoing stories with the number 54 hidden everywhere, live reports of 54 seconds, publications with 54 words etc…

This strategy enabled the band to have more time to focus on the music all the while continuing to gain more notoriety on social media.