B!SE Festival.


Community Management

Newcomer in the landscape of French showcases festivals, the first edition of the BiSE festival will take place on 21 and 22 January 2020 in Nantes.
In parallel with the BIS : International Biennials of the Spectacle (an event bringing together actors from the performing arts and the music industry), the BiSE festival is aiming at both the music professionals and the public, and is positioned as a new meeting of musical discoveries in the heart of the city of the Dukes!

Our intervention :

Our mission was to create, launch and animate the social media plateformes for the first edition of this new festival. The aim was to have professionals of the performing acts come together around a series of 9 showcases per night at Stereolux and Trempolino. After working in collaboration with a team of graphic designers at Fernande, we had to our disposition all of the elements that we needed to have a successful digital communication. From stories to publications, we were very present online and were able to launch digital advertising campaigns to reach people from the music industry. We had excellent results which assured the presence of many professionals at the festival.
In this 360 mission, we were also present on the festival, shooting high quality stories for each showcase. A great way for both artists and the festival to grow a bigger fanbase.