Hellfest Open Air Festival.

Community Management


Based in Clisson (France), The Hellfest Open Air Festival is the biggest European festival, showcasing metal/hard rock bands and artists... well, let me tell you, it takes your breath away !

Our intervention :

The Hellfest Open Air is today an immense event, and with that comes a massive community, therefore we had to really work on the image of the festival so that the content remained engaging and adapted to the audience.
Our mission lasted for 4 days (the length of the festival) and consisted of being in charge of all the social media platforms. Our role was to perpetuate the « festival experience » online. We therefore chose to show what best characterizes the festival : its immensity. From the line-up, to the public’s outfits, we captured in high quality imagery all of the most exceptional moments of the festival. Tens of band and artists shared the content we created during the event. We also shared the content on our Tik Tok, and to this day, our videos were seen more than 50 000 000 times.