Hip Opsession Battle 2020.

Community Management

The Battle Opsession brings together the best dancers in the world, in a unique place transformed into an arena. In the center, the circle where they and they compete, solo or by team, within different categories: popping, locking, house, hip hop (for standing dances), 3vs3 and top rock (for breaking). .. Around, the jury, the DJ's and the inimitable speakers, masters of ceremony who invite the public to encourage their favorites. And everywhere, improvised circles in which the dancers meet, exchange and challenge each other. Halfway between competition and artistic performance, the Battle Opsession brings together the best of hip hop culture, its values of surpassing, respect and sharing.

Our intervention :

To bring to life the event through social media to a large hip hop community and to prolong the festival experience for the public. The location, the scenography
and the quality of the line-up are elements that really helped us in our community management strategy. For that, we created video content in high quality and benefited from live pictures of professional photographers (CLACK). In order to push the digital of the communication forward, we set ourselves the goal of producing a video for each programmed artist, which amounts to 38 videos of live concerts in 2 days. Along with this « artistic content » our team was also able to capture the ambiance, the fooding and the public… all that was needed to « be there without being there ».