Le Dernier Jour.


Community Management

Emile only has a day left to confess his love to Louise. Tonight, he moving away ! Tomorrow, he will be in a new school and it will be too late ! When going to class, he doesn’t have enough courage, and finds himself excuses once again not to confess his feelings. But it is there and then that he finds a mysterious box on his desk. This last school day is full of surprises for Emile, who cannot postpone his confession any longer ! « Le Dernier Jour «  (nb: « The last day ») is a young audience show written by Sebastien Most and Nicolas Pantalacci (aka Monsieur Lune), an illustrated concert mixing live music, original cinematographic soundtracks and video projections of animated drawings.

Our intervention :

On this beautiful project, we are working on the communication strategy both in terms of creative ideas and on the operational aspect of the posts on social media. We are able to concile : operational support on community management and thoughts on strategies around this young audience project.