Community Management


Philémone is a solo project. Alone on stage with her voice and her machines, she carries the colors of captivating and powerful pop music. In between spoken word and songwriting, this young artist embodies incisive, lucid, poetic texts and rhythmic anthems. Self-taught musician, passionate about theatre, she explores electronic and vocal sounds in order to create a unique univers, furiously modern.

Our intervention :

The first step of our intervention consisted in redefining the online artistic direction of the project.
We work hand in hand with Philémone in order to built a constant rythme of posts, all the while thinking about the aggregation of the content on Facebook and Instagram. When we reached strategic highlights, we put our technical expertise to use for the teasing of the single release on streaming platforms. We created original content, inspired by the video clip in order to attract the curiosity of the public and managed to reach more than 50 000 people.

We also challenged Philémone to post one Instagram story every day and to start a Tik Tok account. This perseverance and our optimisation of the content enabled an important growth in the engagement rates of her accounts and allowed the project to gain interesting medias coverage.