Symbiotic electronic duo Thelma have their way of getting into your head and hypnotizes us with their voices. The melodies are charming and the orchestration is largely influent by the seventh art, as indeed Thelma also direct their own retro-futurist video clips. Their style is largely inspired by English pop music and could be compared to artists such as The Dø, Air, the Gainsbourg family, Bowie, or even Björk.

With a first single released on the 18th of September 2020, Avalanches is a first taste of the modern odyssey that they are preparing for us with the EP « La nuit va gagner » due next autumn.

Our intervention :
We were able to provide coaching sessions for Thelma, helping and guiding them in terms of good practices on social media. We were also able to give them the tools to gain efficiency in their digital communication. The end result : a band ready to diversify its content and to conquer social media platforms !