Vyv Festival.

Community Management



Inspired by the festival "Les Solidarités" organized by our friends from the Belgian mutual insurance company Solidaris, the VYV Festival offers, beyond a musical gathering, a time to be together open to all audiences, bringing all generations together.
As a response to a worried world and supporters of withdrawal, the VYV Festival shows that solidarity can be a celebration and that a more committed, more united and more egalitarian society is within our reach.

Our intervention :

Our collaboration with the VYV Festival was centered around defining a digital content strategy as well as taking charge of all their social media plateformes in sight of the second edition in 2020.
However, a few months later, the festival was canceled due to the pandemic crisis. We were now faced with a new problematic : to bring to life a festival that did not take place.
We gathered all our creative energy in order to still give the public, the festival experience. Therefore, we decided to put the public at the center of our strategy. This was the idea behind the "Voicemail of the VYV Festival". A phone number was made available for the public to call and leave a message to the person they were suppose to come to the festival with. A lot of people got caught in the game, which allowed us to receive more than 200 voicemails that could be broadcasted on social media.
We also created the "blabla du VYV", a street-interview type capsule, where the public could talk about what they were hoping for the 2021 edition.

We cannot wait for the next edition !