Zaho de Sagazan.



Zaho de Sagazan, it’s a singular voice, grave and strong, one that sways and will give you the chills. It’s also a voice that sometimes brakes, revealing a fragility that is at the origin of her music. In a shared intimacy, with authenticity and without concessions, Zaho doesn’t only interpret her songs, she inhabits them.

Her French writing finds itself to be made of simple words, always in the search for exactitude and the essence of feelings. The 20 year old singer-songwriter from Saint-Nazaire (France) reveals herself with the intensity of her doubts and of the love stories she makes up in her head.

Our intervention :

For the launch of her project, we are helping Zaho on her strategy on social media with a few coaching sessions. We are also giving her a hand on the administrative tasks that are required when launching a new project. We are convinced by this beautiful project, and it is a real pleasure to be are part of the adventure from the beginning !